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2008 Wildfire Redux, Felice Pace, 06/13/09
Another Viewpoint on Klamath Deals, Capitol Press, 03/23/09
Paper Exercise or Real Progress?, Felice Pace, 03/16/09
Obama and the Klamath River Basin, Felice Pace, 01/21/09
No Deal Better Than Bad Deal, Felice Pace, 12/20/08
Green Myopia, Felice Pace, 12/19/08

A New Consensus on Forest Management?, Felice Pace, 12/14/08
Predators, Ranchers and Grazing, Felice Pace, 12/06/08
Delaying Klamath Dam Removal is Criminal, Felice Pace, 12/05/08
Dam Deal Advances Bush's Agenda, Felice Pace, 11/17/08
Why Western Wildfires Are Getting Larger, Felice Pace, 10/08/08
The Politics of Smoke, Felice Pace, 08/15/08
Government Should Do its Own Logging, Felice Pace, 08/01/08
Industrial Timberland & Taxes, Felice Pace, 08/06/08
Agricultural Water Pollution On The Line, High Country News, 07/13/08
Will Wyden's Bill Help Forests? Felice Pace, 07/07/08
Problems With Klamath Water Deal, Felice Pace, 06/03/08
County's OK of Klamath Settlement Misguided, Felice Pace, 03/26/08
Power Politics in the Klamath, Felice Pace, 01/22/08
Scronce "Bigger Story", Felice Pace, 11/15/07
The Cult of Reagan, Felice Pace, 11/02/07
Are Klamath Negotiators Another CalFed Disaster?, Felice Pace, 10/19/07
Klamath 'Island of Hope' an Illusion, Felice Pace, 09/28/07
Ending Clearcutting Key to Spotted Owl Survival, Felice Pace, 07/29/07
Blue-Green Algae on Water Board Agenda, Siskiyou Daily News, 07/18/07
Court Rules Against EPA on Global Warming, KFA Press, 04/02/07
We Need More Wild SpawnersFelice Pace, 02/07/07
Can the Klamath be Restored?Felice Pace, 11/09/06
Real and Unexpected Threat From Forest Fires, Felice Pace, 08/20/06
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlife Corridor Protected, KFA Press, 06/28/06
Water in Bad Shape When it Leaves Project, Herald & News, 05/24/06
Commission Will Not Protect Spring Chinook,  KFA Press, 04/28/06
Study Questions Value of Post-Fire Logging,  Felice Pace, 01/25/06
Healthy Forests Hold Water, Answers, Felice Pace, 01/20/06
Judge Upholds Old-Growth & Speciesí Protection,  WELC, 01/10/06
Board OKs Scott River TMDL Despite Objections , Capital Press, 12/23/05
Timber Regains Significance in Oregon,  Felice Pace, 12/10/05
Un-Dam the Klamath & Save Klamath Salmon,  Regina Chichizola, 12/07/05
Lost River in Need,  Felice Pace, 11/08/05
Victory in Klamath River Water Ruling,Siskiyou Daily News, 10/20/05
Time for a Fresh Look, Felice Pace, 08/13/05
AG Must Take Responsibility for Fish Kill, Felice Pace, 08/04/05
Court Overturns Bush Repeal of NW Forest Plan, ONRC Press, 08/02/05
Commission Rejects Basin Water Petition, Herald & News, 07/30/05
Judge Halts Four Timber Projects, Mt Shasta Herald, 07/20/05
Land Stewardship, Felice Pace, 07/12/05
Decommissioning the Dams is Not Enough,  Felice Pace, 04/08/05
Students Speak Out For Wolves,  Felice Pace, 04/01/05
Short-Sighted Klamath Managers Dismiss Chinook Plan,  Felice Pace, 03/05/05
Subsidies Hurt Family Farms,  Felice Pace, 03/04/05
Fishermen Let Into Takings Case,  Klamath Falls Herald & News, 03/02/05
It is Time to End the Power Subsidy!,  Felice Pace, 03/01/05
Grand Timber Sale Planned,  Redding Record Searchlight, 02/22/05
Basin Bucks Budget Trend,  Klamath Falls Herald & News, 02/07/05
Salvage Logging Editorial Built on Foundation of Myths,  Felice Pace, 01/17/05
SPI Rainbow Ridge Logging Will Not Solve Fire Problem,  Felice Pace, 01/07/05
Salvage Logging Debate Continues,  Felice Pace, 12/31/04
Responsibility Goes Together With Ownership, Streams, Felice Pace, 11/01/04
Keepers of the Flame,  Felice Pace, 10/17/04
If Good For Species..., Felice Pace, 10/10/04
Letter to the Editor on Wolves  Felice Pace, 09/19/04
What Wasn't Said in Klamath Falls  By Felice Pace, 08/10/04
Irrigation Savings Are Not Real  By Felice Pace, 06/18/04
The Vicious Circle: Logging-Fires, More Logging, More Fires!!  By Will Harling, 05/01/04
Mark Rey's Flammable Forest Policy  By Felice Pace, 04/27/04
Logging California's Forests to Save Them  By Kyle Haines, 02/10/04
Groundwater Pumping & Agricultural Subsidies  By Felice Pace, 01/28/04
WOPR Goes Down in Flames, Felice Pace, 07/20/09
Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, K-Falls, 01/16/08
Fish Hatchery
Judge Upholds Protections for Wild Salmon, Earthjustice, 08/15/07
Court Protects Salmon and Clean Water From Harmful Logging, Earthjustice Press Release, 04/03/07
Etna Creek
Officials Propose ESA Exemption for Klamath River, Felice Pace, 11/05/06

Court Ruling Protects Salmon and Clean Water, KFA Press, 03/30/06
Powder Timber Sale
Forest Service Withheld Reports,  Record Searchlight, 07/07/05
Burnt Timber
Forest Service Rush to Log Hits Snag,  EPIC & KSWild Press, 06/27/05
Meteor Timber Sale
Logging Challenged Along Klamath River Tributary, AP 02/14/05
Fireproofing Sierra's Article
Fireproofing Sierra's Forests has Environmentalists Crying Foul,   SF Chronicle, 12/08/04
Beaver Creek Timber Sale
Major Timber Harvest Blocked
Sacramento Bee, 10/15/04
Medicine Lake Geothermal Wellhead

Environmentalists Sue Over Medicine Lake Geothermal Project  Associated Press, 05/20/04
Knob Timber Sale

Judge Clears Way For Klamath Timber Sale
  Record Searchlight, 04/08/04
Old Growth Forest

Admin Increases Logging For Timber Industry
  Earth Justice, 05/27/04
 Logging Equipment
Another Phase of Mountain Thin Project, Mt Shasta Herald, 04/02/08
Feds Throw in Towel on Salmon Protections, Earthjustice, 11/20/07
Counting Hatchery Salmon as Wild Violates Law, Earthjustice, 06/13/07
Klamath Riverkeeper
Klamath Riverkeeper To Clean Watershed, Dan Bacher, 11/06/06
Mike's Gulch Roadless Area
Lawsuit Filed to Stop Siskiyou Roadless Logging, KFA Press, 06/08/06

Scott River Pollution Clean-up Plan Questioned,  KFA Press, 12/11/05
Kimberly Baker
Whittler Timber Sale Canceled!,  KS Wild Press Release, 04/20/05
Kyle Haines
KFA Activist Suggests 'Ground-Truthing',  Mt. Shasta Herald, 03/23/05
Klamath Sales Photo
New Klamath Sales Reignite Timber Battles,   SF Chronicle, 12/13/04
Recreational Mining Photo

Hitting a Vein,   LA Times, 12/07/04
Mtn Thin Sale

Mountain Thin Appealed   Mt. Shasta Herald & News, 10/13/04

'Bouquet Sent to Agency'  Redding Record Searchlight, 06/26/04
Mike Hupp

Group Calls for Modified Mountain Thin  Mt. Shasta Herald & News, 06/16/04