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Radio Station Owner to Burn 12-foot Green Swastika to Protest Earth Day Marxists
Report By J.J. Johnson, Sierra Times
April 17, 2002

Kalispell, MT - The Green Left is having a cow in the Northwest over the fact the John Stokes of KGEZ Radio of Kalispell will be burning their icon. A twelve foot green swastika has been built and put in place to burn to protest the destruction of America at the hands of the greens, and the "spineless, out of touch politicians" that continue to fund them - ignoring the plea of rural America.

The green swastika will be burned in front of the radio station from 12-1:00 pm Friday April 19, 2002. Earth Day is to be celebrated this year on April 20. The Green Nazis plan a special in your face, "we own your cities and children" demonstration all across America. They will be aided and abetted by every print and television media in America.

And so, how does the extreme left respond?

Raise money in the name of fighting 'hate and intolerance'.

No kidding. The Flathead Valley Human Rights Coalition and the Montana Human Rights Network, two Montana organizations that preach hate and intolerance against all conservatives, are currently taking financial pledges based on the number of times the terms "nazi" and "swastika" are used between 8-11 AM, April 17th through April 19th and again April 22nd through the April 26, 2002 on KGEZ 600 AM. This means they are left without an argument, only name calling. The Flathead Valley Human Rights Coalition and the Montana Human Rights Network are among many left wing organizations which will celebrate "Earth Day", which (speaking of Nazis) just happens to be the same day of Adolf Hitler's birthday on Saturday, April 20th.

" Z-600 The Edge is the only station in America to reflect the true feelings of rural America and is not afraid to take a stand.," said station owner John Stokes.

Ted Nugent and others will be our featured guest for the green swastika burning. HBO, local and national media will be covering the event. The Daily Telegraph of London has also arrived to cover the event for the world wide print audience.

"This all part of Operation Restore The Eagle. We are doing our part. We will get results," said Stokes. He asked that all who can not make the event is to listen at www.z600.com.

"The solution to obtain your freedom and regain your rights is before you and solely up to you." Stokes said.

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