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John Stokes

John Stokes                    John Stokes

John Stokes is the owner and radio personality of hate radio KGEZ 600, The Edge, in Kalispell Montana. Mr. Stokes is a member of the Constitution Party and a property rights advocate and is believed to a link between the WiseUse and Militia Movements.

Before moving to Montana in 1994 Stokes was employed as a real estate broker in Washington state. There he worked to defeat land-use zoning plans in Snohomish County Washington by spearheading a county secessionist movement, "Freedom County", in an attempt to circumvent state land-use laws. In Montana Stokes made two attempts in 1996 and 1998 to run for Montana State Legislature on a platform that included extreme positions on education such as supporting religion in schools, banning discussions on gay/lesbian issues, abolishing the Department of Education, advocating the sell of the state university system as well as abolishing the ESA, welfare, federally owned public lands, all taxes except income taxes, banning immigrants, no U.S. participation in the U.N., no impediments to a free market and the termination of Indian reservations. Fortunately both attempts to run for state legislature in Montana ended in defeat.

"Before all the liberals in the city get all uppity about [secessionist campaigns], they ought to remember who controls the water supplies. One little 50-gallon drum of PCP in the reservoir out there and [city residents] are all fu**ed up." - Seattle Weekly, March 30, 1994

"This [destruction of gates on federal land] is a region wide civil protest and the gates are being opened now in the dark of nite [sic] without fanfare. It's time Just do it and shut up [sic]." - Stokes e-mail, Oct. 10, 2000.

"This station... [is] going to be doing what we can to help Montana, and create jobs, and get our jobs back, and get rid of these green bastards in our community." Earlier in the same show: "Identify the enemy and drive them into oblivion or obliviate [sic] them." - KGEZ, March 2, 2001.

In April 2000 Stokes bought KGEZ radio station in Kalispell engaging in a tirade of anti-government and anti-environmental hate rhetoric playing to the anger of federal government controls and regulations. Using veiled threats and inflammatory rhetoric Stokes attacks community members, rails against immigrants and targets public officials and environmentalist on the air. With extremists backing Stokes, he offensively refers to environmentalists as "Green Nazis" and organizes "green swastika" burning events meant to intimidate and terrorize conservationists. On at least one occasion Stokes aired the names, phone numbers and residences of conservation minded citizens resulting in an escalation of death threats, intimidation and vandalism aimed at environmentalists in the community. On his radio program Stokes called for and supported "gate opening days" (G.O.D.) an action to forcibly and illegally open the gates of road closures on federal lands. Stokes further harasses his community by filing various lawsuits which have been thrown out of court but still costs the community in terms of money spent on court costs.

In 2001 Stokes along with the Militia, the Aastroms and Montanans For Multiple Use organized the Montana "Convoy of Tears" to support the frenzied irrigators at the headgates encampment on "Freedom Day" in Klamath Falls Oregon. Stokes sent a 10' green swastika with the convoy as a "gift" to intimidate environmentalists and in hopes that it would be burned in Klamath Falls. The green swastika was rejected in Klamath and returned to Stokes to be burned on Earth Day 2002 in Kalispell.

Compiled By Connie Stringer

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